AMK Cleaning Services

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AMK Cleaning Services provides premier residential and commercial cleaning services to Wisconsin’s Chippewa Valley and surrounding areas in order to improve their clients’ overall quality of life.

We're SUPER pleased with the work you did! Way to frickin' go! You guys met and exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much!

~ Ashley Kosharek, Founder & Owner

The Brand

We updated the brand to match AMK’s brand focus of a “premium experience.” We did this by updating the fonts, colors, and slightly tweaked the overall placement to keep the brand recognizability

We captured AMK’s brand voice by incorporating a premier, approachable, and quality tone. We implemented this throughout their website content with the primary goal of educating their target market while funneling them into a consultation. Once we finalized the messaging and brand, we brought it all together in the website design, creating a premiere, crisp, and clean design with welcoming aspects and multiple calls to action throughout.

AMK Cleaning Services

AMK Cleaning Services

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