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A masterclass for the busy, faith-fueled woman seeking clarity in growing her business with peace, passion, purpose and profit!


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What is the

Business Breakthrough?

Unite your purpose and your faith with a business that genuinely serves others and provides joy and freedom for you! Get clear on your God-given gifts and how you can impact your tribe.

We found that when trying to grow our business we weren’t serving the type of person who really lights us up and we were sacrificing time with our families in order to reach the goals we had set. This meant we had little freedom and a lot of stress. We’ve learned how to see the big picture and embrace our gifts and passions to create a clear vision for our lives and business. After gaining clarity and focus on who you are and who you serve, we help you reflect your true heart to those you want to work with most with authentic messaging, irresistible services, and a clear and simple path for growth!


As business owners, we are the very worst people to clearly see our gifts, strengths, and purpose. In fact, our struggles, stories, and growing businesses can actually stand in the way of this simple, but profound perspective. Realizing this can help you reach for support in grasping the breakthrough your business and life needs to feel the success, purpose and joy you desire most. All you need is a little direction and some clear steps to see it all clearly unfold.


Elevate5 has refined the process they use to bring clients from confusion and overwhelm to the clarity, focus, and insight possessed after a business breakthrough. The resulting online program is perfect for the busy, female business owner looking to launch, grow, or restructure her existing business. After all you want to grow your business, but you also desire to experience joy, living in your purpose, and maybe even time with your family!


The five-week, online masterclass will help you create a solid foundation that ties your faith, gifts and purpose to your business in a profitable way. And all while minding your life goals and desires so you don’t crash after reaching poorly aligned goals.

We serve the small, but mighty business owner. More specifically, we love to serve the entrepreneurial boss lady who is raising her family, her faith, and her business right alongside each other. And, for her, usually things have gotten a tad out of hand.

She has a busy, full life, and a busy, growing business. And we find that she usually is in need of help with something…

She needs some clarity, some help getting unstuck, and an actual kick-in-the-pants action plan on growing her business.

She needs a place to jump in and resolve some questions and better build her passions and gifts into her services. She needs to find how, exactly, to authentically show up in her business as her actual. real. self. She longs to fall in love with her business all over again, and leave stress and overwhelm behind. And she needs this growing business of hers to be profitable, thank-you-very-much. She pours so much time and energy into what she does and who she serves. She’s tired. And uncertain of her next, best step.

We wanted to help her. Actually we ARE her. We have just figured out how to navigate the path. And we’d love to help you, too.


in the 5-week program?

  • 3-weeks of step-by-step online instruction
  • 2-weeks for reviewing and completing deep-dive work
  • Lifetime access
  • Fun print-at-home workbooks, reprint as often as you need
  • 70+ workbook pages designed to motivate and guide you to your breakthrough
  • Clarity sheets to track your progress and direct massive action
  • A service statement blueprint to be able to simply and clearly articulate your what you do and who you serve
  • 5 videos (+ bonus video!) to guide you through each module
  • Tons of bonuses! Inspiration and extra resources for each module; The Foundation of a Great Business; Delegation Worksheet; Service Evolution Guide; Play with the Numbers Profitability Spreadsheet; New Level, New You Workbook
Business Breakthrough Workbook cover

Need a little help?!

How about some hand-holding to guarantee the clarity you crave?!

Deep-Dive Package

1) Deep Dive Strategy Sessions

In these sessions, we’ll review your ideas and breakthroughs together and help you find clarity and direction that light you up! We LOVE this part!! Using your story, values and vision, we help you create the foundation of a business and brand that is in authentic and powerful alignment with your life and your purpose!

  • One, half-day deep dive Strategy & Clarity Session (with JoDee via Zoom or in-person/recorded)
  • One, one-hour follow-up call (with JoDee and an Elevate5 team member)


2) Custom Brand Strategy Report

When you complete the course and have submitted your materials, our team will review, craft and provide you with your own customized Brand Strategy Report which will include:

  • Custom Service Statement (Get help perfecting that Elevator Pitch — YAS!)
  • Ideal Client Summary
  • Listing of your Unique Gifts
  • Listing of your current or expanded service offerings
  • Discoveries on tying more of you and your gifts into your business
  • Branding recommendations including messaging, tone, style, color choices and other team insights

The Brand Strategy Report is your anchor for all these insights and discoveries. The report is designed to help you establish and KEEP the clarity you uncover. It is also the starting point for a brand, including your messaging, logo and website that authentically align with you, your gifts, and your ideal clients!


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What clients say

about the process

For me working with Elevate5 was a very empowering experience. I instantly felt connected which in turn led me to get my message out with ease. That honestly gave me the voice I have been searching for because I have known I wanted something created yet had no idea how to put it into action. To see my vision come to life has been an incredible gift!
– J.S.
When I met Elevate5, I was four years into owning my PR and content marketing consulting practice and was riding a wave of increasing business and revenue. While the volume and profitability of projects rose, my faith in what I’d created was falling. I felt overworked, overwhelmed, and less than fulfilled. JoDee and Cara’s approach has helped me realize the value of slowing down and going back to the heart of what I wanted to create and how I wanted to show up in the world. Piece by piece, step by step, I’ve started to create a new picture of the future. Elevate5 has helped me build on the essential foundation I had already created while widening my lens and bringing more of myself and my heart into this next iteration. I feel like I have a fresh start complete with more clarity about how to package and market my services, more excitement around who I’m serving and the difference I intend to make, and a grounded and inspiring team to support me along the way. I wish every entrepreneur could be blessed with the time, process, and support to bring another level of passion and meaning to their work. I can imagine a world filled with businesses that are a genuine reflection of the people who created them — and that is a pretty beautiful world.
– B.B.
[You] completely transformed my way of thinking and looking at my business, my brand and what I have to offer to my clients. Truly Transformational!
– M.B.
They honor your passion while clarifying your calling through a unique process. If you want to launch your dream, Elevate5 is your team!
– G.S.

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