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Your small business needs more than just a pretty website to succeed.

So that’s a little different — coming from a web designer.

You only truly find success and fulfillment when you deliver what you love to people you love working with in a manner that profitably highlights your gifts and skills.

Truth, right?

So naturally, only after all of that background has been established can you clearly and consistently deliver that message via your website and brand. And that is why we are different. We start where web designers and business strategist should have started all along — by getting to know you, your gifts, your business, and your goals before we ever even turn on a computer.

And doesn’t that just make good sense, anyway?

Hi there!

We’re Elevate5

Elevate5 is a labor of love run by sisters, Cara Christenson and JoDee Mittlestadt. The cross-country duo loves to get to know the heart of their small business clients and then show that throughout their branding, messaging, strategy, and website design. The sisters are geekily passionate about serving entrepreneurs and love helping them find their authentic voice and joy in their business.

More about us
  • From start to finish, the Elevate5 team was amazing to work with. I am so pleased with how they captured my brand while building a tool that will help me grow my business!

    Stacy Whaley, Fire Up & Lead
    Stacy Whaley
  • Elevate5 is a combination of gifted, creative, genuine, artists that can bring your dreams to life! They honor your passion while clarifying your calling through a unique process. Their team work is flawless and their delivery is beautiful! If you want to launch your dream or freshen up your current look, Elevate5 is your team!

    Gretchen Stevenson, Gretchen Stevenson Ministries
    Gretchen Stevenson
  • JoDee and Cara’s websites increase the trust factor, credibility, and overall badassery of a person’s perception of a business before they even pick up the phone. It positions your business in a way that makes people eager to work with you from the beginning.

    Avram Gonzales, The Boulder SEO Expert
    Avram Gonzales
  • I had the pleasure of working with JoDee and Cara on my website and I was THRILLED with how they took my vision and made it come to life. They had a way of listening to me and taking all of my ideas and just making them BETTER! I love how they helped to make my target audience the focus, and my vision something that would be timeless! Thank you so much ladies!

    Megan Shaughnessy, She Prospers
    Megan Shaughnessy
  • We just wanted to say thank you a million times for what you did with the website! It’s better than we had ever hoped for, and we appreciate it so much! Thank you again for our dream website!!

    Jason & Josh Whitaker , Whitaker Brothers Hunting Company
    Whitaker Brothers
  • JoDee completely transformed my way of thinking and looking at my business, and what I have to offer to my clients. Truly Transformational! You captured personality and put into words what was in my brain!

    Melissa Berg, Melissa Berg Wellness
    Melissa Berg
  • She took a set of abstract concepts and interpreted them into a graphic form that perfectly embodies what we were all trying to get to. Her work is highly professional, and she’s a pleasure to work with.

    Christopher Markuson, GISP , Pueblo County Geographic Information Systems
    Christopher Markuson
  • They have an extensive background in design and were delightful to work with. I would highly recommend Elevate5 for any type of design and can heartily attest to their skills and professionalism.

    Clint “Rides His Horse” Chartier & Jean Vertefeuille-Cutler
    Clint Chartier

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