The Refining Five Framework

Our Five-Pillar Framework to Gain Clarity and Uplevel Your Business

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Hey, Business Sister!

We see you out there reaching for new goals and striving to create more for yourself and your business.

We want to pour into your efforts by sharing our proven process to uncover the stuck area of your business that is holding you back from the impact you’re meant to make.

After all, the only thing that can stop you is the very thing you do not see.

Once you’ve seen the challenge in your way, it becomes simple to craft an action plan to create the results you desire. Want to see what’s in your way?

Let’s Dive In!

Find Clarity in a New Perspective

The Refining Five Framework

We’ve developed a simple self-reflective framework that helps you get out of your own way and to see with fresh eyes where your business is lacking.

The Refining Five Framework is made up of five pillars that Elevate5 is BUILT upon. The process of working through each pillar is how we serve, lead, and grow ourselves. And we’re sharing it with YOU!

Download this free guide and learn exactly what’s holding you back from your next level of business.

Once you see what is in the way and where it is hiding out, it is much, much easier to move or shift it.

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Your Success is Hidden in Plain Sight

Elevate5 is a digital agency run by sisters JoDee Turner and Cara ChristensonAt Elevate5, we work with mission-driven, women entrepreneurs who are teachers at heart. They are speaking, coaching, consulting and leading their own clients toward creating big results in their own lives and businesses, and are experts at ensuring these powerful outcomes.

These women are quite successful, yet feel frustrated that despite that success they haven’t yet reached their ultimate goals for impact in growing and scaling their businesses. They just can’t seem to put their finger on what exactly is in the way.

As a result, these very capable and accomplished women feel stuck and frustrated in the in-between of their big business goals and the month-to-month, quarter-to-quarter reality they are living. They have a very real, and very accurate sense, that they are so, so close to breaking through to their desired level of success.

And that’s when they make their biggest mistake…

Without seeing the real challenge that needs to be addressed, they begin to overperform. It’s maddeningly easy to lose years fixing everything and solving nothing in their business.

Since they are achievers, they jump into the grind and force an incremental adjustment of micro success. They desire flow and quantum leaps, but instead settle, swallow stress, and accept minor wins in return. They ignore the need for balance in their business and life and worst of all, this tactic works for a minute until…

Elevate5 is a digital agency run by sisters JoDee Turner and Cara ChristensonGrowth plateaus. Again.

Barely above the last level of stuck, causing them to repeat the try-hard cycle yet again.

More stress. More self-doubt. More frustration.

And then, more programs. More experts. More money. More solutions. More effort. More time.

And the cycle repeats.

Lots of effort. Incremental improvement. Mass amounts of frustration.

Can you relate?

Yeah, we know. We’ve been there, too.

There is a Solution It’s Actually Quite Simple

Simple, but not easy. So, most people don’t attempt it.

It requires that you must slow down and put in the time to see what is in the way to your next level.


Is it something you’ve not seen within you that’s stopping progress?


Or possibly your business has outgrown your business strategy?


Maybe your branding isn’t powerfully connecting with prospects?


Or maybe your website is out-of-date and not enticing and producing leads?


Maybe your marketing is falling flat and not attracting attention and followers?

In each new level of your business, you’ll find that each and every one of these areas much advance. If ONE holds you back, they ALL hold you back.

You see, once you’re on the path to scaling your business, you find that you are traveling the same sequence of challenge areas again and again – refining these challenges and redefining you, your clients, and your business along the way.

It isn’t a linear path. It’s a cyclical evolution. With a new turn of the cycle with each and every new level.

This is me! I’m ready!

For me working with Elevate5 was a very empowering experience. I instantly felt connected which in turn led me to get my message out with ease. That honestly gave me the voice I have been searching for.

~ Jessica Stapf

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So you’ve been there, done that, right? This is Key

You need to identify where you’re stuck, or where you’ve been stuck in growing your business so you can move yourself or your challenge out of the way.

So, like always, your solution starts with clarity. You must first SEE the challenge and where it lies.

We know you are the expert in your industry and in your business. That’s tough on business development.


Because you know everything, you can’t SEE anything.

As the expert, you know too many of the details to clearly see the obvious leverage points that need to be pulled to create and maintain systematic growth.

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“So often people are working hard at the wrong thing. Working on the right thing is probably more important than working hard.”

– Caterina Fake, Co-founder of Flickr

Permission Granted It’s Time to See and Secure Your Next Uplevel

We’ve developed a simple self-reflective process we’re sharing with you here, that helps you get out of your own way and to see with fresh eyes where your business is tripping them up. And we’re sharing it with YOU!

Download this free guide and learn… exactly what is in the way between where you are and where you want to be in your business.

Once you see what is in the way and where it is hiding out, it is much, much easier to move or shift it.

Shall we begin?

Yes, Please!

Here’s What You’ll Get

In this free guide you’ll receive our proven framework that’s designed to help you dig in and find the areas of you and your business that are holding you back from the next level of growth you desire.

We’ll walk you through The Refining Five Framework: The Entrepreneur, The Business, The Brand, The Website, & The Marketing so you can truly see where you’re at in each area.

The Outcomes You’ll Gain

  • A fresh perspective on your business.
  • Clarity around what pillar of The Refining Five Framework is currently holding you back.
  • An understanding of the cyclical evolution of business.
  • And an opportunity to take action!

Bonus: Access to a Complimentary Call (usually $497!)

We’re investing in you. We want you to make progress in this next season, and that’s exactly what we’ll do! We’ll take the time to strategize and clarify in what ways we can assist you to get your business to your next level.

You may find you already know these things; you just need to be asked the right questions while in the right brain space to create that deep knowing for yourself.

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The Refining 5: Our Five-Pillar Formula to Gain Clarity and Uplevel Your Business