Awake in Wellness

Awake in Wellness Music Therapy with Jessica Ditty

Helping individuals with various therapeutic needs and goals increase self-expression, self-regulation, leisure, and developmental skills through music therapy.

I cannot say thank you enough to Elevate5 for all the amazing work they have done on my website and professional development. The whole team was genuine and clearly cared about the outcome of this project. Top-notch service and products. I am proud to have the words 'Designed with ❤️ by Elevate5' at the bottom of my website.

~ Jessica Ditty

The Brand

This website captures everything that founder, Jessica Ditty, believes. It’s welcoming, approachable, knowledgeable, joyful yet calm, and filled with light. She practices these things through Music Therapy everyday.

When developing this brand and website design we wanted to convey those same tone words throughout her brand. We did this in her brand by introducing the script font and pairing it with the simple serif font to create a welcoming and approachable tone. Throughout her website design we used blue tones to incorporate the meaning of healing, hope, and clarity. We also used salmon and pink tones to add the joy and fun element.

Awake in Wellness Music Therapy with Jessica Ditty

Awake in Wellness Music Therapy with Jessica Ditty

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