Sarah’s Home

There’s hope for every story.

Sarah’s Home provides a sanctuary for teenage girls who are survivors of sex trafficking as they reclaim the life God created them to live while Daniel Academy is setting out to do the same for men.

We are truly so thankful for you guys and we get SOOOO many comments on our new look and website! And when we run our analytics on how we are doing, it is crazy how many more people are seeing our site because of you all! Thank you for all that you have done for us! We truly cannot thank you all enough!

~ Jillian Winters, Sarah’s Home

The Brand

This is a unique website with a mission to tell the important story of two related brands. Sarah’s Home provides a sanctuary for teenage girls who are survivors of sex trafficking. The site was built with tender attention to color palette and font choices that reflect the tones of faith and inspiration, while honoring the sobering and emotional challenges of their clients. We used a sweet, welcoming Santorini script alongside a strong, confident Museo, a font cohesively shared with Daniel Academy. We used a soft, feminine pink and a deep, comforting sage green, with dainty, hopeful flowers in the motif that capture everything that founder, Vicky, envisioned for this brand and its important mission as a place of peace, renewal, trust, and sanctuary.

When developing Daniel Academy, a sanctuary for teenage boys who are survivors of sex trafficking, we leaned into a deep, masculine, army green, grounding gold and browns, and a lion in its logo to reflect the tone that the founder envisioned for her clients to feel empowered and supported in a solid brotherhood of rebuilding. We further infused military sensibilities in the font and design, choosing a blocky, sturdy Norwester font and Museo, a cohesive tie to Sarah’s Home.

Through thoughtful consideration of colors, fonts, photography, and custom design, we are humbled and grateful to have had the privilege of working with Sarah’s Home and Daniel Academy to further their transformational role in the lives of youth.

Sarah's Home Portfolio Brand

Sarah's Home Portfolio Brand

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