Upstream Functional Medicine

Your health matters. Your body is designed to be healthy. We make healthy living simple.

Poor health affects all areas of our life. The good news is our bodies can heal themselves. Upstream offers pioneering methods based in functional medicine to bring transformative solutions for optimal health.

The Brand

Brought forth from a personal health challenge, the Hunters help others live out their purpose in their lives by empowering them to help their bodies heal. Their vision is that others will be equipped and empowered to overcome their health challenges and fulfill their own life’s purpose as well.

This website captures the depth of purpose with which founders Jeff and Anna Hunter founded Upstream Functional Medicine, with tones of hope, healing, energy, and compassion. The deep blue and grey palette are reminiscent of the natural beauty featured in the site’s vivid photography. The strong, simple Museo Slab font for Upstream paired with the approachable, hopeful Beyond Infinity font for Functional Medicine perfectly encapsulates both the confidence in the strength and wisdom of our bodies to heal, with the hope and joy that ensues when our health is optimal.

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to share the vision of these pioneers in health and vitality.

Upstream Functional Medicine Portfolio Brand

Upstream Functional Medicine Portfolio Brand

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